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Cut Crippling Development Time

Led innovation team creating 4 breakthrough improvements enabling the yearly tax apps to be created in 2-3 months instead of 10, enabling the company to expand their services. (Intuit)

Web Conferencing

Boosted sales from $500K to $10M in 2 years, pioneering a new market. Achieved market leadership, enabling IPO filing and acquisition by Microsoft. Currently over 1 Million users daily. (PlaceWare)

Back on Schedule

Rescued Lab’s flagship project that was behind schedule and brought it in on time by inventing a new agile development method, SWIFT. (HP)

Load Time Miracle

Cut startup time from 7 minutes to 4 seconds, giving product huge competitive edge, while keeping all key features. (Placeware)

Crisis Management

Increased effectiveness of military/crisis briefers (DARPA project). Used voice recognition and AI to automatically control live and web multi-media presentations to top decision makers, resulting in faster and better decision making in a crisis setting. (Teknowledge)

Version Control Breakthrough

MergeRight made comparing and merging files a quick task, saving developers many hours and headaches. Used by Lucent Technologies and Tandem, MergeRight is currently available at SourceForge. (Atherton Technologies)

Usability Pioneer

Set new standards for usability for the entire computing industry with co-invention of Prescient Agents. Recognized in UnixWorld magazine. (Read the article)

Doubled Sales in 3 Months

Doubled sales of Light Crafts’ stalled product in first 3 months. Redesigned website, made ease of use and value clear to customers, and created customer advisory board and evangelism network.

Cut Development Costs

Reduced costs by standardizing engineering tools, training and metrics and founded a company-wide engineering services department. Reduced product failure in the field with new QA policies. (Sybase)

Savings Through Analytics

Increased purchases and minimized returns for Columbia House Record and DVD clubs with an innovative easy to use analytics product. It identifed customer purchase patterns and generated personalized special offers. (Data Digest)

Customers Retained

Identified customers most likely to leave Citibank within the next 6 months, and best offers to retain them, using innovative analytics product designed for businesses. (Data Digest)

Amazing New Product

Your product could be the next to own the market and change the world!

Industry Recognition

Journal Covers
Sunworld Cover Notice for Merge Ahead

Praising its exceptional ease of use and clarity of focus and customer value
"Indeed one thing that is impressive about Merge Ahead is that is so simple to use. It makes extensive use of ...graphical devices so that users don't ever need to read manuals. The vendor has also included a multimedia interactive help system... This product could easily pay for itself in productivity boosts within hours of installation. -- Dave Taylor, SunWorld Reviews editor.

Unix World Editorial for Prescient Agents

Smarter Programming Brings Smarter Computers
"Scott McGregor...thinks smarter computers are the next step beyond the ease of use we get from graphical user interfaces, or GUIs. Many people are just beginning to understand how GUIs make computers easier to use by making them easier to command. But prescient user interfaces promise to teach our computers to learn from what we have done and serve as an active helper...We all want computers to make us more productive. But before that can happen, there is much to be done to make computers easier to use and less problematic. If programmers are beginning to recognize the needs of naive users , we are likely to see improvements in how computers work for all of us." (Read the full article) -- Dave Flack, Unix World Editor.

Practical Programmer praises SWIFT Design Method

Practical Programmer (Communications of the ACM) Journal
"Scott McGregor... uses storyboarding techniques to model the flow of an interface and tries to pace the interaction to make the experience satisfying for the person using the tool...[Video games and] Screenplay writing follow a similar rule, if you don't hook the audience within the first five minutes you lose them. For both, once you have caught the audience, the audience is interested in learning more a bit at a time as it is relevant to continued participation...The same thing is true for software people like to use vs. tolerate using. A good user computer-based training/help system can help achieve this immensely."

Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Silicon Valley Association of Startup Entrepreneurs (now Silicon Valley Forum)
In 1992, largely because of his 3 major contributions recognized that year, UnixWorld Editor David Flack selected McGregor as Entrepreneur of the Year at the annual Silicon Valley Association of Startup Entrepreneurs (SVASE) year end meeting.