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For 25+ years, Scott McGregor has been designing innovative software products and services widely recognized for their ease of use. He has led projects which have cut development time by up to 75%, and created market break throughs.

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Create the must-have product and own the market, maximize your monetization


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Designs that create product desire - because people love products that work the way they think

Innovation = Results

Prescient Agents

Praised in UnixWorld editorial for invention of Prescient Agents, which set new standards for usability for entire computing industry.


Co-inventor of Web Conferencing

Enabled a billion people around the world to work together more effectively.


Swift Design Method

Devised new product development methods, praised in CACM for cutting time to market by up to 70%


Doubled Sales in 3 Months

Doubled sales of company’s stalled product in first 3 months after joining as COO.


Cut Dev Time 70%, Training Time 80%

Developed 4 breakthrough improvements enabling the yearly tax apps to be created in 2 months instead of 10.


Designed Low Cost High Precision 3D Scanner

Enabling custom fit manufacturing at point of sale locations.



What People Say...

  • Scott is a skilled designer, with a fine pedigree—academic and practical—both in software engineering and in design.

    Alan Cooper
    “Father of Visual Basic”, Designer, Author
  • Scott is a true visionary, with the ability to see possibilities that expand and even break through conventional wisdom/boundaries. He has the enthusiasm and communication skills to excite others about his ideas and the practical knowledge to bring them to fruition.

    Elisabeth Browne
    Data Digest
  • Scott has a great sense of what is needed to make a product both usable and functional - two skills that don't always go together.

    Andrew Shebanow
    PlaceWare (now Microsoft)
  • We tried a pilot of MergeRight on a 15 person team. Using the tool reduced the effort from an estimated 2 weeks for a particular module, down to one day, paying for all 15 copies of the tool in his first use.

    Scott Cherf
    Tandem Computers
  • Unlike other advisors, Scott asks the tough, insightful questions that are designed to truly test the long term durability of a company. With this outlook, Scott's expertise is even more useful, since he is far more focused on creating a sustainable business with high barriers to entry.

    Daniel Segundo
    Cofounder, Simplex
  • Scott understands products, and 'productization'. He is an excellent thinker of usage scenarios for a given solution and prioritized feature sets based on value to the end user, which is the way it ought to be.

    Narayanan Ram
  • Scott is an extremely innovative technologist, both technically and entrepreneurially. He is great at stepping into bleeding-edge technology and both managing that and turning it into easily-marketed products.

    Andy Cleary
    Data Digest