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Industry Recognition:

COVER NOTICE for my Merge Ahead product in major industry journal (SunWorld) and favorable review for version 1.0 product due to its exceptional ease of use and clarity of focus and customer value.

 "Indeed one thing that is impressive about Merge Ahead is that is so simple to use. [The product makes] extensive use of ...graphical devices  so that users don't ever need to read manuals.  The vendor has also included a multimedia interactive help system...[T]his product could easily pay for itself in productivity boosts within hours of installation.  -- Dave Taylor, SunWorld Reviews editor.

EDITORIAL in a major industry journal (Unix World):"Smarter Programming Brings Smarter Computers" promoting my invention of Prescient Agents.

   "Scott McGregor...thinks smarter computers are the next step beyond the ease of use we get from graphical user interfaces, or GUIs.  Many people are just beginning to understand how GUIs make computers easier to use by making them easier to command.  But prescient user interfaces promise to teach our computers to learn from what we have done and serve as an active helper...We all want computers to make us more productive. But before that can happen, there is much to be done to make computers easier to use and less problematic. If programmers are beginning to recognize the needs of naive users , we are likely to see improvements in how computers work for all of us."  -- Dave Flack, Unix World Editor.

JOURNAL PRAISE in Practical Programmer (Communications of the ACM) for my SWIFT Experience Design method:

 "Scott McGregor... uses storyboarding techniques to model the flow of an interface and tries to pace the interaction to make the experience satisfying for the person using the tool...[Video games and] Screenplay writing follow a similar rule, if you don't hook the audience within the first five minutes you lose them. For both, once you have caught the audience, the audience is interested in learning more a bit at a time ais it is relevant to continued participation...The same thing is true for software people like to use vs. tolerate using.  A good user computer-based training/help system can help achieve this immensely."

What can Scott McGregor do for you?

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